Don’t want to go to college but you still want to be wealthy? Not a Problem!!!

I’ve taken a short break from the BeneFactory blog to do a little reflection, but as you can see- I’m back! I wanted to identify exactly what the BeneFactory blog was about and what it was going to be about into the future. My business will be going into it’s winter slowdown time (we are kind of seasonal) but that doesn’t  mean slowdown!

I have figured out what BeneFactory actually is (or isn’t rather)  and will continue to be. “We are not news”! This blog is not news. News is being done and the whole idea behind BeneFactory is to look for what is not being done. I just updated my phone and notice the new “News” app that came in on the iOS 9.whatever. I clicked on the app and it gave me a menu to customize my news feeds. I really like this app because I know the types of news I like to read without being inundated with crap. But I notice there are a million different news blogs out there. There are so many to choose from and the list just kept getting longer and longer as I scrolled down the menu. I picked about 10 blogs I liked and moved on with the setup. That got me thinking. Nothing in this list was about being inspired to run or start a business. That is what BeneFactory is going to be, inspiration and attitude for the business owner, entrepreneur and future entrepreneur.

I have been called the “Mr. Inspiration” or the “inspirational entrepreneur”. When people are done hearing me speak for about 20 or 30 minute about starting a business they are literally ready to do it! Let me give you a short example of my mind levitating powers to inspire entrepreneurism:

My wife and I were at a party at my neighbor’s house one evening. There were lots of our friends at this party and we were socializing with adult beverages nicely when a friend of mine asked me about my business. I talked about my business and that we were doing well and had a lot of projects out in front us and then he asked a question that I get a lot from people who might be looking to start their own operations. He said, “how are you sleeping at night”? I know this question well because I do get asked it a lot when people are moved by my own actions to be an self-employed entrepreneur. I knew he was up to something but I didn’t know what. He had an idea in his head about starting out on his own and knowing where he worked also solidified my own ideas that he was looking to do something. Once the – How are you sleeping- question is asked, I make my move. I went into a 20-30 min dissertation about business that seems to the listener, very well rehearsed! It is so well done, the listener has no time to ask anymore questions or interrupt and argue their own fears of self-employment. During my speech, I never ask what the idea they are having is. I make it sound as though its a trade secret and we will need to talk about it later in closed doors. I end with saying I can’t wait to hear more about what you are thinking about doing, so lets get together next week. They are left with a new found energy to keep pursuing their dream and an anticipation to talk to me about it again. Later that evening my friends wife came up to me and said she was apprehensive of her husband’s idea of starting a business but after hearing me talk about it, she wants him to keep going with it! That is the power of Mr. Inspiration. She also said that I should have a branch of my business that motivates people to start businesses. BOOM! BeneFactory was born!

Okay, so BeneFactory is about inspiration, motivation and attitude when it comes to startup or business. The title of this blog article is “Don’t want to go to College but you still want to be wealthy”? Let’s go with that theme and see if the following will inspire you, especially if you did not go to college!

You didn’t go to college. Even though your entire youth was spent preparing you for it and all you ever heard from teacher, parents, grandparents and mentors was- if you’re going to have a future, you have to graduate college! Or what if you didn’t finish college or university like me! Are you destine only to the low wage jobs of fast food or running a shovel. I should think not! What I’m about to tell you cannot be argued so let me start out by making sure you know that I think everyone should go to college or attend a university. It is an experience like no other in your life and to have the types of experiences I’m talking about you would have to have went when you were young. There’s nothing wrong with going back to college, just don’t expect it to be like it was. I loved my days at university but it was far from the best years of my life but what I got out of it was invaluable. Now let me ask you this question- is a university diploma a requirement for success? Well, we all know that’s not true but what about- is it a requirement for getting wealthy?

There are some that would say yes, if you plan to be rich and wealthy a college degree will help you get there much faster but I’m not so sure about that! Here’s why: There are two kinds of people in the world, 1) those who are looking to get hired and 2) those who are hiring. When a person graduates college they immediately start the job search or they take an internship with a company in hopes to get hired soon! What about those of us that either didn’t go to college or didn’t graduate. We too were looking for jobs but there was no offer of internship anywhere. It is a true fact that non-college grads will have to work a lower waged job for a time if they choose to work for someone. Eventually they will work their way up through the company and start to make better money but I say this; Why not just be the BOSS?! Why not be the boss of really great company? If you are non-grad, you are never going to be promoted to CEO anytime soon where you’re working now so why not be the CEO of a different company- the company you started!!! If you start it, you can be anything you want , Right? Oh, and I haven’t even told you the best part yet so here it is, when you are self-employed, you will be making much more money that most all college grads and interns who are the same age! Whose the genius now sucker. Let me tell you my short story with this: I left college when I was about 24. I got married, had two awesome kids and worked for big oil until I was 39. For 15 yeas I worked my way up the companies until I was let go due to a falling market. I started my business vs looking for a new job and by the end of that year I had made more money in 11 month of business than I had made in 15 years with big oil put together! This was big life changing type money, not just a few thousand more than I made before. I’m talking hundreds of thousands more! IN JUST 11 MONTHS! Talk about you eye opener.

I was now making more money than all the managers and engineers at the company I used to work for. I had more time with my wife and kids, I didn’t have a micro-managing boss watching over me and I had more freedom. I’m not talking about more freedom from work, I mean I have more economic freedoms! Since I was making much, much more money than the people I used to work with, I was able to pay off most of my debt. So now let recap what I have: more money, more time, more career freedom, more economic freedom, and I (and only I) get to determine just how high I want to fly! No one else get to decide this for me. Oh… sure, it can be hard sometimes but so is working for a living. I have decided that life is just going to be hard and not fair so why not capitalize on it and make lots of money! Here’s the other thing, colleges and universities still benefit me even though I’m a non-grad. How is that you might ask?! Its all in the way you look at it. I’m an entrepreneur, a self-starter, the boss, and a businessman. I need competent educated employees to work in my company. So if I need engineering for my company, I cannot do it- I’m not an engineer (remember I dropped out of college) so instead of spending lots of money and valuable time going back to college to become an engineer, I will just hire one! or two! Doesn’t that just seem much easier? I need engineers, computer specialist, marketing specialist, business admins, accounting professionals, project managers, etc… Even though the university let me down when I was young and I failed at it, it has become the gift that keeps on giving to me now that I am older. The best part of the whole thing is its a gift that costs me NOTHING! Yes, who said nothing was free. I get these young educated professionals to come work for me at no cost to me! (A paycheck doesn’t count, it’s just like a business, an exchange of value.) They sell me their time and profession at a discount that I get to resell for a premium with a resulting profit. How awesome is that?!?!? And they are the ones that spent thousands of mom and dads dollars to come work for me and make me rich. Sounds cruel doesn’t it, but it’s true. If you really think about it deeply, some really hard working parents are busting their humps out there right now working overtime and extra shifts, refinancing their house and borrowing against their 401K just so little Johnny or little Susie can go to college, become educated and turn around and come work for me so I can live the good life!

Now understand educated business people do the same thing but my point is, you don’t have to be educated or college grad to do as well. In fact, it could be said the non-grad might do it better! Here’s why: For those of you that still think you have to graduate college to become rich, listen to this- non grads are rocking technology! We get it! Its not that hard. Of course we can’t code or hack but there’s an app for that! Did you know there is technology coming that will allow me (non-grad) to understand anything I want. A lot of it is already here. We don’t have to know all the super technical stuff to be heavily involved or the owners of tech companies. Someone has already done the work for us and now the tech playing field is level (thanks to college graduated techies). What I’m saying is; if we don’t understand it, we just hire someone who does. BOOM! we keep moving forward. That is what the entrepreneurial mind is all about. Here’s a perfect example: as I type, I am working on a WordPress blog site. In fact, I am running two different blogs on WordPress. If you’ve never been around WP, It’s not the easiest thing to learn. It can be somewhat complex to the non-computer person but after a few short YouTube how-to’s, some Google and one $26.00 eBook on SEO, I’m up and blogging about how awesome being a wealthy college dropout is and at the same time I am running 3 different companies that I founded. I don’t know? I’m just doing what is freely available to me and most anybody who has the balls to try!


2 Things I Guarantee Will Make You Very Rich!

2 things

Wouldn’t you like to have a crystal ball that could tell you everything you need to know about anything you would ever want to know about! Especially when it comes to predicting the future. As a business person and an entrepreneur, that kind of information would be golden. In fact, there are many companies out there claiming to be the best at predicting the future of finance- they are called investment banking firms and they are pretty good at prediction by using trend data of the past. But like I said, they’re only pretty good at it! I just so happen to be the best at it. In fact, I could guarantee you 100% success in any kind of business, not just finance.

That’s a lofty claim I know but, it’s true!  I bet you’re think I’m talking crazy or I have some stupid scam to sell you at this point, but I don’t! I’m just going to tell you what it is… totally free… right now. When you hear it you’re going to look at me and say-

“Well… Duh. There’s nothing novel or innovative about that”!

I know, it sounds too simple but keep reading. It’s not what you think. Alright, here it is:

What is one thing that you think of when you hear the word entrepreneur? Most of us think about someone that is making money or likes to make money. When you were a kid and had a lemonade stand or a paper route or trying to sell anything to buy an Xbox, the adults would say, “little Johnny or little Suzie are entrepreneurs”. That’s right, an entrepreneur’s job is to make money. And in order to make good money, they need to know two things:

1) Where money is being made!


2) Where money is NOT being made!

I told you it sounded too simple but like I said, it’s not what you think when you first read it. Let me explain. I’m not talking about types of businesses that are good for making money and ones that are not good for making money. Most all legitimate businesses are good for making money and if ran correctly, can make the owner wealthy, but if not ran correctly, can put them under in no time. But I’m not talking about the way businesses are ran operationally either. What I’m talking about is the owners’ ability or inability to leverage advantage and opportunity into their favor!

Operations and how-to business tactics are all academic and can be learned in business school but sheer talent to leverage everything and all the advantages into your favor is something different and has to be learned by mastering a skill many business owners are not aware of. Plain and simply it’s the knowing where money likes to be. Yeah money, she’s a fickle bitch and she only likes to be around the things she is attacked to. If she doesn’t like you, she won’t come anywhere near you!

Now remember I said that I was the best a predicting the future of business better that anyone else so keeping with that theme, here’s why. Out of the two things entrepreneurs need to know, where money is being made, would at first seem to be the most important part of the equation and it is defiantly the most desirable one to know, but.. I would argue that neither are more important than the other. What that means is both are equally as important but if I had to choose which was the most important, I would choose number 2. Where money is NOT being made. Does that sound counterproductive to you? It did to me at first too but now that I am in business it is very clear. Here’s why number 2 (where money is NOT being made) is so important. When owning a business you want to make profits and accumulate wealth. You want to know everything you can and have as much information about the business you’re in, in order to make money but you don’t have an actual fortune telling crystal ball, but what you do have is an infinite history of data at your fingertips of where money has never been made. Just knowing that gives you a 50% better chance at making money. Let me go into this a little deeper and dissect it for you.

The place where money has never been made (#2) is in the victim status way of thinking. Anyone that has ever played the victim of anything will never realize profit. And it can be something as simple as blaming other people for your misfortune or complaining about how its unfair big corporate businesses get tax breaks. Manfred R.F. Kets de Vries of Insead Business School European Campus, France has written a 25 page research paper on the Victim Syndrome. His paper talks about that it is absolutely imperative you avoid becoming a victim if you ever plan on getting rich or succeeding at anything for that matter! To sum it up; you can either attract wealth to you or you can attract poverty to you. The most effective way to attract poverty is to play the victim and find comfort in commiserating victim syndrome with other like-minded people.

So if victim status syndrome is so bad for making money, why is it the most important fundamental thing to know for make money? It’s your crystal ball! The richest self-made millionaire is not only a master at business and profits, they are a master at poverty and victim status in that they know how to avid it and not waist their valuable time with it. Mastering poverty is just one way of leveraging advantages into your favor [emphasis on the words “just one way”]. If your business sells a product to a target premium level customer, you are not going to open a popup in an area where the average income is 15K/year. You go where the money is.

Over the years I have conditioned myself and my brain to never fall into a victim mentality for two main reasons; 1. victims are never rich unless you make a living ‘victim hustling’ (e.g. Rev. Al Sharpton) and 2. It looks like a miserable way of life. I find it very easy now to never become a victim by giving myself a little test every so often. I call it the fairness test. When I first used this test I didn’t even know I was doing to myself until later. I was at one of my cousin’s graduation party and my dad and uncles were discussing the latest news and issues of that time. One of those hot topics was that Halliburton Oil Field Services had just announced that they were moving their corporate headquarters from Huston TX to Dubai UAE in the Middle East. The Middle East was much friendlier to energy exploration than the US and of course it made perfect since to my dad and I (both of us businessmen) but to one of my uncles this seemed wrong! These are his words:

“What gives them the right to move that company out of the US”?

“Ummm… Well, I guess what give them the right is that, it’s their company to do whatever they want with”!!! I said.

BOOM! Take that! And yes I was right. But of course he argued that it was a publicly traded company and it’s the “people’s company” and everyone should have a say. Well, can you say – misinformed! The point is, it didn’t matter. He saw it as an unfair business practice just to make more money and I saw it as a company trying to act in its own best interest.

Here’s another one and this time you play along. Decide how you feel about this example and be honest with yourself. Victims lie to themselves to continue the self-defeating feeling for comfort, so really try to see if this affects you in that way

In the mid 2000’s Audi Motor Company decided to move its $1.3 Billion factory to the United States. People in the US were very excited for the job prospects and the boost in the economy from the new facility but when the decision was finally made in the 11th hour by Audi Management, the new factory would be built in a small gritty south-Mexico town called San Jose Chiapa. Mexico’s low wage, nonunion work force and improve logistics was the determining factor. Mexico has more than 40 different free trade agreements and their pacts give exporters duty-free access to 60% of the world’s economic output. To a business person this is a no-brainer but many in the US were very upset and said that Audi was an already wealthy and greedy company just looking out for themselves and their profits!

Okay, here’s the test. How do you stand on this issue? Do you think it was a smart business decision by Audi to further improve their bottom line or are you of the mindset that it was unfair and all about profits and greed? The test here is to see if you think there is a difference in creating continual value for a company at the cost of US jobs vs profit and greed.

The fairness test works great for me because it ensures that I always know that life is not fair and generally there is not much I can do about it so, I carry on. Who doesn’t know that life isn’t fair more than almost all of us? But at the same time, the words “life’s not fair” can also be a good thing and what I’m talking about is #1, Where money IS being made!

Where money is being made is the fun part! This is where all the good things happen and where all the happy people are. This is the place where you are starting to attract money and wealth to you. You are doing less work and the money is starting to stream itself to you. How is this done you might ask? I said before money was very particular where it likes to be and needs to be attracted much more than be made. You hear about people making money but to tell you the truth, anyone can make money. Only the ones that are attracting it begin to accumulate it! The place where money is being made is where the people have 4 qualities that can’t be bought with money.

  1. Happiness
  2. Power
  3. Influence
  4. Infinite intelligence

Most all very wealthy self-made millionaires have these qualities and most other people believe it’s the money that gave it to them but, the inverse is true. It is these qualities that made them rich in the first place! They already had the things that money is attracted to. Let me explain:

Have you ever see a very rich and well known individual walk into a crowded room and just completely own the room? Do you see people pandering to them and giving them all the attention? They seem to know everyone and they make all the people laugh and are having a good time. They are the center of attention everywhere they go and they seem to have this charisma and magnetism about them that will make anyone do anything? Well, that rich and seemingly powerful person didn’t buy all that attention from those people, they used their happiness, power, influence and intelligence to get all the attention. The same thing that they used to get very rich. People say money will change you but money will only change people a little bit if they earned it. Most all the time the rich maintain the same character they had before they got rich because it was that character that made them rich in the first place. Here’s another way to look at it. If a person earns a college PhD they are considered a smart and intelligent person. But they didn’t get smart after they earned their PhD, they were already smart before they got their PhD and it was their God given intelligence that got them this achievement. Same goes for the rich. There are things out there that just can’t be bought but rich still want. They use their powers of making people say yes to get all the things they want, but can’t buy with money.

There are a multitude of things that money is attracted to, far too many to go over in one blog, but the last thing I want to tell you about, where money is being made, is the place where you can get started. That place is in your own brain. Your brain is the reason you are not rich yet! You brain is not conditioned and in shape for attracting money quite yet but there is hope for you because you are reading my blog! Keep reading my post and follow me on all my social feeds and I can help you get there. Why am I so confident you will get there? Because wealth, riches, successful business and happiness is where I’m headed and I would love for you to come too!!!


~Dan Bockman



11 absolute musts for achieving greatness in 2015 modern day business world

ent pic

If it wasn’t hard enough owning a small business 10, 20 years ago, imagine what it’s like here in 2015. I started putting together a collection of thoughts while working in my business one day (and yes, I was working in my business, not on my business. There’s a difference) and I came up with a list of what you need to have and to know to own a business in today’s business world

In the past business had essentially been the same for nearly 50 years (1950-2000) with some small leaps in modern technology. You would have a product or a service and you would sell it to customers via brick and mortar. You would advertise on TV, radio, magazine ads and the yellow pages. Internet was a tool but was still in its infancy. And then, Y2K happened, not the end-of-the-world computer glitch, just the year 2000. For the last fifteen years more technology has been developed than all the inventions of the last 2000 years combined. The cavemen used rocks made of silica to make tools of survival and now modern man uses that same earthly element (silica) to power the software in the iPhone 6 and Space X computers to put commercial rockets in space. Technology is not only making our everyday lives better but it is making our everyday business better as well!

Here are the 11 absolute musts for achieving greatness in 2015 modern day business world:


  1. Never fall behind in technology

If I were ever asked by someone wanting to start their own business, what would be my one piece of advice, I would say “never fall behind in the technology”. The day your kids know more about an iPhone than you do is the day you need to start studying up and researching. The reason I say iPhone is because this is the day of tech mobility and it’s all happening on mobile devises. You can go take some classes on computers but by the time you are registered for IOS 101 at the local community college, the technology they will be teaching is old news! You need to self-study. Here’s a small test to see if your business is tech savvy: Question- ‘what are you doing to adjust for Google’s mobile algorithm optimization’. If your business depends on a website, it will affect you and more than likely your competitor knows what I’m talking about!


  1. Feel the burning yearning

Business is far more competitive and fierce than it’s ever been before in the past. Why am I so confident in saying that? There are more millionaire and billionaire today than there’s ever been before and the money is more easily made. But you have to be on top of it, you have to have the burning yearning desire to crush it better than anyone else. There are millions of business owners out there just like you and you have to never stop trying to separate yourself from the herd and be doing things different than anyone else. I ask myself every day, “How am I being different than my competitors”?


  1. Stop trying to come up with the next big idea and start coming up with the next big solution

I have talked with many ‘want-a-preneurs’ and I hear the same thing over and over, – I don’t have a good idea for a business! I’ll say they are on the right track because anything and everything that has ever been great came from an idea but they don’t always just pop into your head. Especially when you are trying to have one! I always tell someone that wants to have a great idea to start out with having a great solution. It’s like working a problem backwards. It almost always results in an idea and in fact, a variety of ideas! Start with a problem, come up with a solution and derive ideas!


  1. Embrace the fact you ARE going to fail at business

Ask yourself, what is the number one reason someone does not go into business for themselves? …Give up? Its fear of failure! Granted some people are just not interested in business but the ones who are and don’t ever start is almost always because of- fear of failure. Well, I am here to ease your mind and tell you that if you work really hard, never give up, give it your best and believe in yourself and your business, you are guaranteed to FAIL! That’s right, you are going to fail at this at some point. All businesses do, some catastrophically but I have always said, – what is the difference between a business having a going out of business sale and a business celebrating its $10M year? The difference is how they recovered from their failures!


  1. No one ever got rich on their own

It seems to be a major misconception that all the rich tech moguls in the modern day just sat behind their computers in their basement all by themselves and designed a software company in their free time and sold it for a billion dollars the next day. That has never happened and it will never happen! You can’t get rich alone. You have to have help. So stop hoarding your information and ideas and get out there and start sharing. Think of it this way, do you know everything there is to know about your idea? I will bet the ranch you don’t! Other people provide a new and outside perspective on your idea and that perspective could be worth millions. Afraid someone is going to steel your idea if you let them in the loop? I wouldn’t worry about this. You are going to hand pick the people you let in anyway and if you are worried about intellectual property theft, have them sign a nondisclosure agreement. It’s that easy! Keep in mind that more riches and wealth has been extracted out of the brains of men and women than all the gold mines in the world put together!


  1. Embrace your competition

It may be odd to hear in this highly competitive world of business but it is safe to say you won’t be the only game in town. Everyone is out to make some money including your competition but not all companies in the same type of business are the same. But you don’t have to worry about whether your competition is trying to edge you out of the market if you think about them in the right way. Build an alliance with your competition. Call the owners up and take them out to coffee or a beer. Be the first to extend an olive branch and get immediate respect and the upper hand on the relationship. Explain to them there are some kinds of clientele that just don’t fit your business and you would like to establish a referral agreement (most likely unwritten) between your company and theirs. This shows good faith and you are not just in business to put others out of business. You and your competition may never be close fishing buddies but having a friendly alliance to agree to coexist and work together, will be extremely good for your business.



  1. Inversely… forget your competition and start a monopoly!

You are never going to startup Google, Facebook, Amazon or Oracle. It’s been done and you were not the one that did it so stop dreaming about it! If you are sitting and thinking about what it would have been like to have started those companies, you’re wasting your time. You’re wasting valuable time and much more valuable thought content reinventing the wheel. Oh sure, it’s important to pay attention to what those companies are doing and acknowledge what they have done but if you want to be just like them, you need to be thinking like them! And thinking like them means not living in the past or the present, it means living in the future with the templet of the past! If you want to rule the world and be a renaissance person, you need to start monopolizing an industry. Yes, start a monopoly! And no matter what you’ve heard, monopolies are NOT illegal! You can have one if you want it bad enough. Has anyone ever went to jail for having a monopoly? I can’t think of one in recent times and maybe it’s happened and I don’t know about it but who the hell cares! I say, start your monopoly and force others to catch up, (if they can)! If they can’t, well… The point is, there are two different ways to look at a business. You can be in a market that has competition and the best business to compete wins or you can be the only business forcing others to try and compete with you.


  1. Your own success depends on the success of others, no matter who!

Have you heard the saying, – The rich get richer and the poor get poorer? This is a true statement if only used in the right context but most people would use this saying as a contemptuous way to describe the rich and the unfair method they got wealthy. If you want to be very wealthy and successful you must, must champion the success of others! Without successful rich people feeding money into the economy and turning the gears of markets, your business would have no one to sell products and service to. I’m not saying the rich will be your only customers, what I am saying is that it’s safe to say most of your customers will be the employees of the rich! It would be nice to know that the employers of your customers were doing well enough to pay your customers enough money to afford your products and services you sell. Encourage the rich to get richer, encourage industry to thrive and encourage others that want to start businesses to get started right away! Give them a helping hand and teach a man to fish rather than giving a hand out.

“The more success around you means more success for you”

~Daniel Bockman


  1. Money is made… and ONLY made one way!

Get it out of your mind right now that you’re going to get rich quick with some scam method you bought on an infomercial at 2:30 in the morning. You are NEVER going to win big in the lottery and that rich uncle you hope exists, does not exist and he is never going to die and he is never going to will you millions. These are the facts for 99% of the population that hope to get rich someday. It’s in the human nature to follow the path of least resistance for everything we do. We are inherently lazy and getting rich is hard work so when we see methods for getting rich without work, it peeks our interest. But here is the cold hard truth that every self-made millionaire knows; money is made and ONLY made by the monetary exchange of products, services and investments in a free market system. That’s it! There is no other way. You have to start a business and monetize the operations so that income exceeds expense. I will say there is such thing as passive income but that is a much more advanced way of making money that is beyond the scope of this article. For now, sell something, make something, service something or make an investment and keep it basic.


  1. Think like the rich but live like the poor.

Thinking and feeling like you are a very wealthy person will literally materialize vast wealth right before your eyes with a little bit of time. I’m not saying act like a rich person, spend like a rich person or lie about having lots of money when you don’t, what I am saying is, think like the rich and feel like the rich will inevitably yield in becoming rich. But… in order to become wealthy you have to live like you’re poor in the beginning. This means saving your money, live very tight, and liquidate the unnecessary for cash.


An entrepreneur will live their live for a very short time like most people won’t in order to live the rest of their life like most people can’t”


Thinking and feeling like the rich will attract the wealth to you. What do I mean? 4 essential things that the rich want and that their money can’t buy them is – happiness, power, influence and unlimited intelligence. But if you start out having these things before you get wealthy, (happiness, power, influence and unlimited intelligence) it will set up the continuity for streaming riches to you.



  1. Don’t “Build Wealth”, Accumulate Riches

When you hear someone talk about a Wealth Building Plan what do you think about? When I was an employee for a company it was a fancy buzz word for retirement plan or 401K. The company’s financial planner or HR person would hold wealth building meetings and they would talk about what you need to be doing to plan for the future and how to save and invest for retirement through the company’s Wealth Building Plan. But I could never understand why they were calling it a wealth building plan because no one was ever going to get wealthy by doing this! At least not while they were young enough to enjoy it. I remember I was about 25 when I first started my wealth building plan and I said to myself-

“You mean I have to wait until I’m 65 to enjoy this”?

Try thinking about money a little differently than you have been taught over the years. Instead of a Wealth Building Plan, try a Wealth Accumulating Plan. What the difference? Wealth building is done over a long period of time by saving and investing through the company 401K. Wealth accumulating is the accumulation of money over shorter period of time with multiple streams of income (or to say it simpler- Entrepreneur)! Wealth accumulation is happening in real-time. You are using profits from venture to start another and another and so on. Money is coming in from all directions and it is starting to stack up (or accumulate) in your bank account and you are becoming very, very wealthy while in your 30’s and 40’s. Don’t build wealth, accumulate wealth!


If you follow these 11 principles of modern day business that ALL self-made fortunes have resulted from, but did not learn in business school, you too could see untold wealth for yourself and your business. These are just principles, not the rules! The nice thing about it is you can make it anything you want. Remember this: I know you dreaming about super success every day and know it’s scary. But here is something that will ease you mind, “If your dreams about success are NOT scaring you, then they are NOT big enough”!!!


~Dan Bockman


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What going on out there?


Whats going on out there in Northern Wyoming? My company, Bockman Group is looking for more projects this winter. We are based in Sheridan WY and my company can do most any kind of work. We currently have fencing equipment for building yard, commercial and residential fences. We have big pick up trucks with flatbed trailers and compact loaders (skid steers) for hauling virtually anything, and moving material and snow. If interested call 307-175-6714

Mastermind plan

I am working so diligently to assemble a mastermind group. I have vetted in my mind a group of individuals that I am sure are the beginnings of my mastermind group and thus as well, me being in their mastermind group. This is not an easy feat for a small businessman like me. Henry Ford had a huge mastermind group but most all of them worked for him. I too, will have the mastermind group on my staff, eventually. Right now I am just meeting with people I know in business. Its coming on winter and things are slowing down for most people. I should be able to find the time and the time of others to meet and discuss business. I have met with two so far. I am scheduling more in the future. I am trying to start the battery effect. One battery only has so much power but several batteries put together produces much more power. Same with brains. Power is- Organized and intelligently directed knowledge. Power and cooperation are the base chemicals to riches. Both power and cooperation can be found in a mastermind group. Are there other mastermind groups online. a virtual mastermind groups, as it were. I will be looking. No one man or woman has reached greatness without the power of the mastermind. I will never stop seeking the mastermind and infinite intelligence. A genius is one man and he is good a a few things by mainstream culture but true genius I feel is the one that finds infinite intelligence through the mastermind group!

Bring on failure!

fail 1

What if you worked for me and I asked you to do something for me? What if I called you into my office and told you I had a special assignment for you and that if you were to succeed it would me a great deal to me? Your initial thoughts might be, – well, okay… I work for you and it would be something required of me to do so yeah, Dan, what would you like me to do? But what would you do if what I tasked you with seem to be on the verge of, Impossible. You might not have seen it at the time I asked you to do it but after some time to digest the assignment and a little research, you come to the conclusion the task has never been done before and there are no conceivable methods to the achievement.

So let’s say this hypothetical situation does exist and you are faced with the daunting task but even more difficult is to come back to my office for an update meeting and reveal to me that the task seems imposable. “Dan, what you are asking of me is more than I can figure out. I have not sought others opinions in this because you have not directed me to do so but as far as I can see at this point, this seems like a no-go”. I then say, “seek outside help, enlist others to contribute and come up with a solution and report back to me only when there is a solution and the task is successful”.

Weeks and months go by and still, even with the help of other teams and outside professionals the solution has not presented itself. The road seems a dead end and the harder thing yet is telling me it still won’t work. The thing at this point is the feeling that you have wasted a tremendous amount of time with very little to show for it. Time in which I have been paying you, some of which was overtime. You may even be feeling like a failure! You feel like a failure to me, to this company and to yourself. I specifically told you that if this task or project could be completed successfully it would mean a great deal to me and in turn mean a great deal to the company. If this was so important to me than you are well aware that it was not just some silly little assignment just to keep you busy and I would get amusement out of watching you fail.

This is a hard time for most people, a time when a challenge feels really good at the beginning because you were the one tasked with it, you were the one the boss trusted to accomplish his vision, you were the one that faith was put into to see it through, but upon the realization it won’t work or is impossible, can be the lowest time in an employee’s career.

Failure- it’s a funny thing. As entrepreneurs we need to look at failure in a different light. I like to see it this way, _”failure is just a second chance to be awesome”. Here is a quote about failure that I hold more importantly than almost anything:

“Failure is a trickster with a keen sense of irony and cunning. It takes great delight in tripping one when success is almost within reach”

That’s why when you come back to my office an incredulously tell me that the task has once again proven impossible, I tell you that I will have this task completed by you and to not come back until it is a success. The reason is because I know you are almost there. I know you are on the tip of cracking the code because success has a funny way of presenting itself under the disguise of failure. Why am I so confident you will succeed? Because my success came in the face of failure and has proven to be incredibly more successful than I could ever imagine! And you are working for me! That is a very important part of this equation. I hired you and you are considered a valuable spoke in my mastermind circle. I don’t hire idiots and you are most defiantly not an idiot. I possess the desire to have my task completed by people I pay a competitive wage and I hold all the faith in you to complete it in the time frame I have set.

Sounds crude and demanding right? It sounds elitist and overconfident doesn’t it? Well, it’s how things get done and it’s how someone empowers another. The reason we are living the greatest country in the world, the reason we have the most incredible devises, computers and programing in the world, the reason airplanes are so safe, the reason I’m able to sit here typing on a laptop and conveying my thoughts to you on this blog is because one person demanded excellence in their organization. Because one person embraced the failures as a means to inspire a team and outwit their competition.

To tell you the truth, I pine for the opportunity for you to come into my office and say, “I just don’t see how we are going to do this!” I will be living for the moments when my team members tell me I’m crazy for tasking such a ridicules assignment. The look of frustration and distain is the word “imposable” leaving the brain. Much like the feeling of “pain”, is actually, “fear” leaving the body.

Another way to look at is this; I once told one of my prospective employees while we were on a site tour of a large project something that I hoped would resonate with him and inspire him to give me everything he had as a project manager. The project was very large, new to us and at the time seemed out of our league. There were plenty of opportunities for one of our guys to get hurt or killed and the company we were contracting with was a little vague on safety policies and procedures. On our way back home form the tour my new project manager looked at me and said, “Are we ready for something like this? This thing is huge and new as shit!” I looked at him with a sleigh smile and out the corner of my eye I said, “If this opportunity is not scaring you, it’s not big enough!”

We finished that project with great success. Oh sure, we all learned something and the company we were working for told us we were not the best they have ever seen, Ouch! But we aren’t done there and we will soon enough be proving to be not only the best they have ever seen but the best in the business. I won’t have it any other way and the best thing about it is there are people out there just waiting to prove to me they can complete very, very hard task! But those people will fail, they will come to me and say it’s not going to work. They will hang their heads in defeat in front of my desk only to be told to go and not come back until they succeed. The reason has been explained – failure is the prelude to the greatest thing yet to come. Failure can be seen as more exciting that success because failure ensures due diligence!

~Dan Bockman

The 3rd best day of my life!

I am literally not sure I can tell you how much I love my business. I am not kidding, I absolute love being in business for myself and being my own boss. In the fall of 2013 I was “blessed” with the news that I was going to be losing my job. Yes, I said BLEESED!

I was working for a large oil and gas company and things were going reasonably well for us. When I mean us I mean my wife and kids and I. I had a great job with good benefits and I was clearing nearly $100K/year. But as the price of natural gas began to drop, so did the future of the asset I was working in. The oil company was not going under, the asset the company had was not preforming and it needed to be plugged and abandoned. As the months went on I was told to not worry and that I was an integral part of the team and I would be on staff until they turned out the lights in the office.

But… in late October of 2013 on a Monday morning I was called into the big bosses office for a meeting. When I entered the office I saw my immediate supervisor was there too and they told me to shut the door and have a seat. “Yikes”! The taste of metal filled my mouth as I shut the door. I turned around and began walking to a seat by my supervisor. When I sat down he looked at me with a long face. The big boss was looking at some emails on his computer and was taking his time getting through them. We sat there for what seemed an hour saying nothing so I broke the tension with some small talk about what I was going to do that day after the meeting. I acted like this was just another project update meeting on a Monday but I could tell this was much more than that. I instantly figured I had done something wrong and I was about to get an ass chewing. And just like that the big boss turned from his computer removed his glasses and said, “I hate to do this… (I held my breath) but I can’t keep my promise to you. (I let out about half my breath and raised one eyebrow). The new asset manager said we have to let go your tear of management”. (I completely exhaled). He then went into a long dissertation about how things are changing faster than he anticipated as my supervisor also interjected a few points. I sat there silently just nodding to let them know I was understanding what they were saying and then they asked if I had any questions. I just took another breath and said the kind of thing that is very typical of me, “so you letting me go”? They both said “yes” with a hint of sorry in their voice. I then said, be honest with me, did I do something wrong and I’m in trouble and being fired”? They said “no, we are just reducing the force and you are on the level of reduction” I then smiled, sat back in the chair and breathed a sigh of relief. I said, “Holly shit! You guys scared me! I thought I screwed something up and I was being fired” as I laughed. They both had a questionable look on their faces and the big boss said, “well, you realize we are letting you go and your last day is November 15, that’s like… in three weeks”. I said yeah, I get that, I’m just so relieved I’m not getting fired or in trouble for something”. The big boss said, “You realize I have been losing sleep over this all weekend and…” I then interrupted him and said, “dude, is okay, relax, I get it and I will be just fine. I knew this day would come eventually and I have a great plan for what I’m about to do next”. I think they felt a lot better as I got up to leave the room and turned to them and said, “thank you for doing it this way and thank you for the opportunity to work here. I would much rather this be done by people I consider friends than some flown-in-Huston-HR-D-bag. I shook their hands turned around and walked to the closed door. At that very moment I didn’t realize it but as I reached for the door handle to walk out, I was actually opening the door to a brand new world. When I walked into that room I was just another working stiff in a huge company destined to go nowhere but when I left that room I was taking the first steps and on my way to a life of independence, freedom and wealth!

Still not knowing it at the time but when the door opened and I walked out I was actually experiencing the 3rd best day of my life! (The day my two kids were born are 1 and 2). I walked down the hallway toward the stairs heading back to my office. I had lied to my two bosses, I had no idea what I was going to do. Even though I did have a little bit of a plan, I had not worked on it hard enough to be ready for it in 3 weeks. I kept walking to my office saying nothing to the people I met in the hallway. I entered my office and gently closed the door and sat down at my desk. I just sat there for a few minutes to absorb what had just happened. I looked up and stared at my computer screen. I could see Outlook running on one screen and the morning emails I had not gotten through before I went to the meeting with the bosses. On the other screen, AutoCAD maps of roads, locations, well sites and a blinking crosshair curser where I had left off. On my desk were several sticky notes with numbers, calculations, and shorthand memos to myself. There were stacks of papers and folders with contracts, information, regulatory maps and plans for all the projects I needed to get done that week. My Cisco desk phone message light was blinking with a hand full of voicemails I needed to check and my iPhone keep dinging with text messages from my reports in the field. About 15 minutes of zone-out had passed before I knew what the next thing I had to do was, I need to call Becky (my wife) and tell her what was happening. I picked up my iPhone and held down the home button, ding, ding… “Call Rebecca Bockman Mobile” I said.

At that very moment talking to Becky as she cried it was hard to convince ourselves that this was the biggest blessing since our kids were born. It was about a month and a half to Christmas and I was not going to be working. Reaction set in, instead of reason. We immediately started to react, even that day. I must have made a 100 phone calls to friends and colleagues looking for a job. When I got home we sat down and just focused on what we could control; how we reacted to the news.

Well fast forwarding to today you can see we reacted with reason and the day we were dealt a career blow was actually the biggest career blessing we could imagine.

My story is not the kind you here from most entrepreneurs where they say they had enough of the daily grind and commute and decided to quit their jobs and go out on their own. My story is entrepreneurialism out of necessity. I see now that a giant lied sleeping within me and was kept asleep by putting in my 40hrs. The giant lie sleeping for 39 years because I was under what I consider a sociological spell that risk is not a good and security of working for a large company is much better. Not that it’s a bad thing to work for someone but the sleeping giant within me knew if he was just awakened, – simply amazing things were going to happen! And they did!

Feeling Capital!

Does anyone else ever have the feeling of being capital? Have you ever just woke up and said to the world,”lookout world, I hope you’re ready to have your wheels turned because I’m feeling quite capital”!!!
My name is Dan Bockman I am a serial entrepreneur and I am continually looking for big opportunity and multiple sources of income for my business. We are always looking to diversify our work type and genres. We constantly look for a challenge and are challenging ourselves. Now understand, I’m the boss. My wife and I own the company but our employees are the heart and soul (to use a old phrase). Literally we would not have this company if it weren’t for the competent staff and what I call team members. We use the word team members vs crew members. I am fully comfortable saying that most all the credit goes to the folks that we pay every week! For example: one of my guys was using a new price of equipment we purchased last spring and I have wanted to read the manual and get a complete understanding for the specifications but like a boss, I have no time. My day is spent making deals, marketing, bookkeeping and actually running the business. This employees of ours took the manual home and on his own time literally read the manual from cover to cover getting a better knowledge of the equipment than the dealer that sold it to us! That’s dedication to his craft and to my company. I drove out to the project and personally shook his hand and thanked him for that effort. These are the thing that don’t go unnoticed in this organization!
The take a way here and my advice to all entrepreneurs is if you want to keep feeling capital, extend a personal thank you to the folks that keep you on top!
~ Dan Bockman

The Pseudo Safe

I’m feeling so bad for all the people in the world and especially in this county that are losing millions of dollars every year! Possibly billions! Wait a minute, I know what you’re thinking. Dan, who are these people and how are they losing so much money? Well, it’s very simple. It’s nearly everyone and the money being lost is unmeasurable! I know this sounds crazy and if it was as big a problem as I’m saying we would all know about it and knowing our government, they would try to do some over bloated, bureaucratic method to fix it but the reality is only a select few even know about this lost treasure and they themselves are working to claim it back.

Okay, let me enlighten you as to what I’m talking about. Let’s say someone has a startup and they do very well with it and they revenue an extreme income. They made the decision to drop out of their corporate position and do things on their own. They are the ones that took the risk and won in the lottery of life, but should anyone be surprised. I mean, it was their destiny to go and get the money so if you think about it deep enough on a quantum mechanics level and the fabric of space and time, they are just following the path that was laid out for them and the pot of gold was always there, they just had to go and get it. I call this the Pseudo Safe. The pseudo safe is a safe full of untold riches that has one person’s name on it and all they have to do is claim it and it’s theirs. Now understand there are a lot (and I mean a lot!) of safes out there with only a 401K, a pension and a gold watch for 35 years of service and other safes are full of inconceivable wealth. Do you see where I’m going with this now? It goes back to a Facebook post I made a few weeks ago that said, “life is an employer and I set my wage at a penny, and he paid a penny”.

So now look at it this way. Someone has a great idea and while trying to get that idea into motion they ran into a failure or defeat and as a result turned away from the idea. They were frustrated and were not informed enough to keep trying and being persistent and lost out. You never know, what they may have really been doing is walking away from the big ticket. There was a story about a guy from the east that came to Colorado in the 1800’s during the gold rush. He started mining and what little ore he was getting from the mine proved he was sitting on an extremely rich vein of gold. One of the largest gold deposits in Colorado. He quickly went back east to get his friends and family to invest in him and the mine. Once he raised the necessary funds to continue mining, he when back to Colorado to resume mining. He mined enough gold to pay back the debt but the mine soon played out putting him back in deep debt. He hung his head and sold the mining equipment to a scrape iron dealer for a few hundred dollars and went back east whipped and completely broke. The scrap iron guy took the mining equipment back to the mine and before he started he enlisted some mining engineers to look over the claim. The engineer’s calculations determined that the last miner did not understand fault line geology and that the mine was still very rich with gold. The engineers recommendation was to move over 3 feet and the gold would pick up again. And it DID! The last miner stopped mine 3 feet short because he failed to assemble a mastermind team and practice due diligence. The scrap iron dealer was dealing in a different type of metal now, Gold! He became extremely wealthy with a few hundred dollar investment and a little help! He found his pseudo safe with his name on it (no longer Pseudo, it became real). The orders of operations in life fell his way and he had the awareness to recognize it. The first miner had the start but did not assemble the right kind of team to claim the safe. He raised the money and not the brains but it turned out that this particular safe didn’t require large amounts of money to find, it was tricky and required brains to find. My thoughts are the scrap iron guy’s name was on the safe all along.

We all have a pseudo safe hidden somewhere with our names on it and the money inside can be as much or as little as we want. That’s the beauty of it. The combination to that safe is the combination of decisions and choices we make in life! If we choose very poorly with how we live our lives, e.g. drugs, crime, abuse, violence etc… then it’s likely our safe is going to be quite small  to never finding it at all. Or let’s say you do choose responsibly and are raised in a good family. You receive education and you pursue gainful employment and contribute productively to your community and your family your whole life and when you find your safe it’s just mere comfort. Modest retirement, paid off house with the white picket fence, the kids are gone and it’s just you and your spouse. I guess that’s it. You travel to see the grand kids, lunch and bridge club at the senior center, doctor appointments, a vacation to someplace warm every winter, or… I don’t know what average old people do during retirement. I do want you to be very clear that there is absolutely nothing wrong with this scenario.  At least I hope not because a very, very large portion of the population will only retire modestly or just a little better than modestly. A lot of people enjoy this and is exactly what they want.

To me, I don’t want to retire. I know I know, someday I’m going to want to retire because I will be tired of working. But it’s different for entrepreneurs. We love our work so much we voluntarily do it on weekends, holidays, vacations, late at night, middle of the night and early in the morning. Work can almost seem like a vacation every day! So is it any wonder that the entrepreneur’s safe is much large than most, we work all the time! Making money is our fun time, not as much our work time. Oh sure there are the days I put in a hellish session of meeting with clients, defending my prices, managing large amounts of money, handling employee problems, and all the other dismal aspects of owing a business but at the end of the day when I am completely spent I remind myself very few people get to do this or have the mental faculty to handle it and get up in the morning and do it all again. I truly believe that when I feel exhausted and overwhelmed that the freedom I experience and the end game pseudo safe will make it all worth it.  I want to find my pseudo safe at an early age and continue to toil on my own terms. “Dan, how much is in your safe” you might be asking? Well it’s a lot! I mean a lot! And I am looking for the combination 7 days a week.

Your pseudo safe is out there with your name on it. Imagine it for a minute with as much money as you want. Do you see it? Now do you have what it takes to go and get it? Do you possess the resolve it takes to get that large safe full of cash? Here is a good way to look at it and it might help you see it better. Imagine life is a road and at the end of the road is your pseudo safe with your life’s work and supply of money. A modest safe sits at the end of a very long road with only minor bumps and turns. This road has a gradual incline and does not require a lot of effort to reach the end. The modest safe’s road also has a predetermined amount of rest areas (time off) but you still get to pick when you what to rest throughout certain sections of the road. The road also has lots of security features, and guard rails to keep you on the road and moving forward. The road is designed to protect your family and take care of you (benefits). But with all that security and ease comes with a cost, a much smaller safe.

Now let’s look at a really big safe. This safe sits on a much shorter road but now the road is a really rough mountain pass. The safe is on top of the largest mountain with the rockiest, muddiest road with lots of curves and switch backs. You will need 4 wheel drive to even start up this road. There are no guard rails or safety features and you could go hurling off the side of the mountain if you do not pick your way wisely. There are lots of forks in the road and you must choose the best direction without a clear map, only a hunch and your best judgment. You will get stuck on a rock or in the mud and you will need someone who has already been to the top of the mountain and found their safe to come and help you, (and they will help you). The climb is not as long but it’s a lot more work. There are no predetermined rest areas (time off). You get to decide how much you want to rest to climb this mountain. When you get to the top and finally find your safe you realize it was all worth it! The safe is huge! Full of the riches you’ve always wanted and it is all yours. And everyone else who’s at the top with you is proud of you and supporting of you and the best thing about it, you’re only in your mid 40’s! At this point, you look behind the mountain and you see something you’ve always known was there. A smooth paved road that gradually goes down the mountain. Its smooth sailing from here on out! But you do notice something that you didn’t know was going to be there. You look down the smooth road and see that there are exits off the smooth road onto other roads that lead to even larger and higher mountains with even larger safes at the top and on the back side of these mountains are even more mountains. The road to the tops of these mountains are not as rough as the first one you climbed so it could be said if you wanted another safe full of even more money, you now have the means to go and get it.

The point I’m trying to make her is if you choose the easier secure road it will take longer but it is safer and generally that’s it, you’re done, the road of career ends and you take the nice easy way with very few choices. If you take the tough uncertain road the payout is much greater and the choices are many times more. There are also many more ways to get more money and the best part, you have the time to take part in those choices.

This is why I feel bad that so many people are losing money out of their safe. They don’t realize it even exists. Money is not zero sum and no one get poorer because someone else gets richer. Unlike matter wealth can be created and creating a pseudo safe in your mind with how ever much money you desire is not an unrealistic thing. Everyone in the world has a pseudo safe at the end of their road. The only problem is most people forget to trade their small one in for a big one, fill it full of money and place it on top of a huge mountain.

“What’s in your safe”?

~Dan Bockman

Ah Ha Moment!

Hey all you producers and creators out there, have you ever had that one “Ah-ha” moment when a great idea popped into your head and you couldn’t wait to get service or get back to your office to Google it to see if it already exists? And what did you do when you Googled that new widget or idea and saw not only does it exist but the company or people doing it are doing very well. This has happened to me because (and you will concur) as thinkers, entrepreneurs, creators and producers, we are always on the continual look out for the NBT! (next big thing) And we have always wanted to be the guy or girl, man or woman that thought of it first to get the lions market share when we reduced to production. Again I ask, what did you do when you saw you weren’t the first to think of it? I will tell you what I think most people do, And I’m talking about the GP (General Population of citizens, not proven producers). They say “oh well, it was fun for a few minutes but someones already doing it”.

I have two words for this kind of thinking- “missed opportunity”. But wait! not the way you’re thinking. Not like they missed out on being the first to think of it because, that’s clear by now. I mean the missed opportunity AFTER they saw someone beat them to it! True producers and creators will see this much differently and will look at it like some of the work has already been done for them. Most others will hang their heads and say “ho hum… I guess I missed out on that one”.

There are 7 Billion people in this world and the likelihood of you thinking of something first is a long stretch. Ask anyone that has ever filed a patent and they will tell you that most ideas have already been thought of but only a select few will execute. Now let me tell you why some people look at not being first a really good thing. If you have ever tried to get an idea into motion and you needed money to do it you would have probably gone to a bank or investor to get the start-up money. One of a very long list of questions is going to be “Proof of Concept”. If you are the first to file on an idea or product you will need to do a lot of work trying to show a proof of concept before getting the money and your idea needs to be very good because this is essentially uncharted water. Now don’t get me wrong. First to file is the pot at the end of the rainbow if it proves to be successful but the point I’m trying to make is that don’t be discouraged by someone else having the idea first. Like I said before, someone has done a lot of work for you already and now all you need to do is find a way to be better. I guess you could say if you are first to file, then look out! You better not drop the ball because someone else could have the same idea, only BETTER!

The thing to remember here is, if you just now thought of an idea then it means you’ve never done it before thus means the rest of the world has never seen you do it before, so there is your first to file element to an already existing idea. If I would have listened to everyone that told me no one has ever gotten rich in the business I now currently own then I would have never started. What I said is, “Well no one has ever seen me do it yet” and I was right! We are kick ass in our freshman year of business.

No two entrepreneurs are alike even if the product or services are. Remember there is a huge space out there and one or two people cant think of it all. Take advantage of the “someone thought of it first” as proof of concept and apply your USP! Do you know what USP is? It’s your Unique Selling Proposition or Perspective . All real entrepreneurs have a USP to anything out there. That’s what makes competition so powerful because you have to keep on your toes to keep up.

Keep this one thing in mind, DON’T stop creating even if its been done before! Have you ever heard of a company called My Space. They were one of the first and now we hardly know the name. Nike, Puma, Asics, etc… were all powerful longstanding companies before 1997 when Under Armor was conceived. Those other companies are doing fine (as far as I know) but it’s clear Under Armor is crushing the sporting goods world with diverse customer markets. UA didn’t say “oh well, that’s a tough space to get in to”. They said “get out of the way”!!!

Keep creating producers and never think theirs not enough space!!!

~Dan Bockman